The Light

January 14, 2021
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Author: Aysha Tariq

Ayla was sitting on her red velvet swivel chair with profound silence apparently but she was struggling with her soul from inside. It was dark summer midnight, the infrequent shimmer of lightning silently firing clouds and escalating a drizzling with thunder same as she heard inside her but with no lightning but darkness, a storm with no rain but hail that afflicted her soul and vibrates it to a frequency that only she can hear. All she sought was light but there was nothing but darkness inside her.

At last, the shimmer of lightning outside had fired all clouds and a bright radiant sun appeared from the east turning darkness into light and hail into water droplets. The bright radiant sun rays dispersed by the water droplets into seven colors of different manifestations and were creating a rainbow in the sky.

The dark night was now gone with all its terrors but the darkness inside her was still with her. The bright rays bearing that radiant life knocked at her window and gently touched her face. She slowly opened her eyes and saw a bright radiant light the same as she was searching inside her. As she was thinking about the origin and formation of that radiant light, it dispersed into seven different rays; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. She raised and advanced towards dispersed rays like some strong force attracting her towards itself. As she passed through a ray, each ray submerged in her and produces a strong essence inside her. As she passed through a violet ray she felt like she had conquered her emotional struggles. With that spirit, she advanced towards an indigo ray, and that ray immersed in her with an essence of wisdom. Now she had the wisdom to differentiate a right from a wrong. And then a silence spoke like a mild wind blow in a blue clear sky and silently, a blue ray inundated in her. With that quintessence of silence, she advanced towards a green-ray, and that ray immersed in her with a strong essence of belief. And with that strong belief, she advanced towards a yellow-ray, and that ray submerged in her with a spirit of hope; a hope for a wave of peace. And with that hope, she advanced towards an orange-ray and that ray engulfed her with a wave of peace; a peace that’s when she was near true love.

Surrounded by a wave of peace, she was standing near her true love; a warm red ray of love. Seeing her true love ahead she started whirling with a wave of peace. As she whirled a ray of love submerged in her, silently. As a ray of love mingled with an essence of other strong rays, a bright radiant light spreading inside her and enlightened her inside forever like a bright radiant sun.

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