January 6, 2021
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I was born in Tando Jam city (1998) and raised in Hyderabad, Pakistan. I have graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts (BFA) with a major in painting from the National College of Arts, Lahore in 2020 January, and working as a Community Head and Narrative Writer for Lyallpur Fine Arts Advisory.

I started my Initial education in Tando Jam and move to Hyderabad when I was in 5th grade and studied therein at Hayat Girls Higher Secondary School. I passed my matriculation at Al-Noor public school, Tando Jam 2013, and did my Intermediate at County Cambridge School, Hyderabad. I was always crazy about art since my childhood and decided to become an artist when I was in 9th grad and started to take my Initial painting classes along my studies under the guidance of Sindh’s most Famous artist Sir Abdul Fateh Halepot who became my first teacher in this journey and after that, I decided to go to Lahore for higher education at NCA in 2016.

I was a shy girl and did not know to interact, NCA’s environment was very modern that I was too hesitant to involve in it, but I motivated and challenged myself to get out of my comfort zone and learn new things. I did theater, I did musical societies, I took dance and therapy workshops, and did many art projects that all helped me to face and communicate with people, open up myself and it also guided me towards my field of Art. The urge to know myself changed me in many ways and made me clear about my likes and dislikes, ambitions and goals, my energy, my fears, and my wishes.

Being sensitive towards feminal domestic life I produce my work taking the visuals of everyday objects at home especially those that are always kept in an isolated space or very hurdled kind of spaces where they look quiet and never get attention. I paint every day mundane, household objects, kitchen items, and ingredients and represent them with ordinary spoken customary terms as titles. I feel sympathy for my personal belongings that look quiet but have a lot to say about our lives and lead to different interpretations and perceptions when these objects are placed individually or with another group of objects. I enjoy the narration and association between these objects and related terms as they also represent our culture and symbolically reveal diversity within a culture. I paint these objects without changing their identity and without transforming them by using their actual state. The white surface and confined scale make these objects more significant and identified.

My work has been nationally exhibited in different group shows “Broadcast vol:1”- O.Art space, Lahore (2020), Women hold up half the sky- Satrang Gallery, Islamabad (2020) and Saanjh Exhibition- Studio 46 gallery, Lahore (2019). My work has also been featured in international online zines like “ISSUE 2-The Creative Materiality”, Haus-a-Rest, UK (2020) and “ISSUE 3” Artists Responding to, UK and “ISSUE 3 Penny thoughts”, UK.

 Nowadays I am working on photographic series of kitchen items by Using them in my photographs as a model and using symbolic actions of objects by manipulating them to constitute a story of humans and human behavior by changing their environment and location which have changed their encoded valued and added a new language. I found another way to approach the source for a better understanding of ourselves and society.

My favorite artists are mostly female artists which I really don’t know why it is so. I am very inspired by Indian female artists like Shilpa Gupta, Sheela Gowda, Bharti Kher also Western artists like Tracey Emin and Mona Hatoum also Aisha Khalid, Risham Saeed, Bani Abdi are the most favorite female artists from Pakistan. I am also inspired by the artists who are continuously working in their field of art as I get positive energy from them.

 After my graduation, I am working as a Community Head for Lyallpur Fine Arts Advisory and living in Hyderabad having my own home studio where I Work hours and hours which has become my daily ritual. This ritual made me find my soulful happiness by having a silent conversation with each and everything within my studio. I paint every day even I spend my nights with it.

  • No doubt it was very pain start of life for Alina. But she is multitasking multitalented responsibile girl which I know her. She is the such Brave e we ho accept challenges. And fortunately she always won those harder challenges. I know her personally. She is apparently choosy girl but have high vision always. She is a beautiful daughter

    Anjum Saeed Najmi January 7, 2021 1:50 am Reply
    • Thank you so much for your kind words and yes, she is an inspiration for all. Must be appropriated and recognised.

      Beenish Ahmed Beenish Ahmed February 20, 2021 11:01 am Reply

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