ALINA KAZMI-Towards the Presence of Optimistic Attitude

January 6, 2021
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Author: Beenish Ahmed Saraz

Alina Kazmi is a multitalented Artist, Singer, Manager, and versatile Photographer born in Karachi and residing in Faislabad, Pakistan. She did her under post-graduation in textile and fashion design from the University of Agriculture Faisalabad.
Alina’s life was not easy; she dealt with enigmatic tragedies in her life. In 2004 while her rising age, she had a horrifying accident in which her spectacles broke into her eye causing severe injure and damaged her lens. She went through her first 7 to 8 hours of a successful surgery and got her vision back. It took a month to reopen her eyes and to get recover her stitches; simultaneously she continued her studies too. According to her, everything was going well, but outside her control, her fate composed a dreadful life and horrendous future for Alina.

During her under graduation studies she got color deficiency and depiction of color became difficult for her, she was broken inside but even then she pushed her limits of patience and directed herself towards hope and miracle.
She confoundedly endured such a painful condition and completed her graduation in 2013.
After graduation, she could not hold an accountable suffer and terrible pain which necessitated her sister for major decision and the only hope of cornea transplant, 12 hours long major painful operation due to extreme damage of optic nerves and this is how she went through her second surgery with all her might and main and Now she is leaving with heterochromia eyes (one iris is a different color from other).

Afterward, she started a job as a junior teacher in a school where Alina lost her confidence and eye contact with people at being focused and questioned on her heterochromia eyes. Accepting the bitter realities she turned back towards positive life expecting the best and soon she attended a motivational seminar where Alina shared her own story with people. Her appreciable courage, bravery, and confidence made her stand and rise as a motivational speaker to school children of an NGO.

In 2015 at the age of 24, her unbearable circumstances and terrifying pain made up her mind for eye removal, rather than bearing pain. So she took a decision and consulted the best doctors and made her eye removed.

In the same year 2015, she bought a DSLR camera, and even after losing her one eye, she started to work as a dedicated professional photographer. Alina captures peace and positivity in the world around her and shows the multiple perspectives and hidden intricacies in every moment and stories of life. Her painful experiences gave her a positive expression of looking at things. She captured mountains, moments, animals, people’s life, emotions, and many other things. She travels a lot with creative energy and never thinks of hardships while capturing soulful moments and life towards her route.
She shows the brighter side of every vision with a need to change the preoccupied assumptions and stereotypical perception of people about life as being negative and judgmental on social structures and environment around them without interrogating. She gives recognition to the function and beauty of things that generally taken for granted. Frozen moments in photographs are not only pleasure for soul and eye but Being critical about physical realities either intentionally or not her photographs questions on our psychological behavior. Her ideas, concepts, and statements shape new social structures and positive aspects of life.

She also documents unfocused moments and memories and gives a positive, meaningful, dynamic life to those passing moments and instant changes. Her photography evokes the emotions of love and kindness towards the common people and little details of their life. She is curious and always craving to reveal the mysterious and deeper side which proves that to look at this world you don’t need eyesight but all you need is positive energy and a strong vibe to connect to those souls. She has become a sign of courage and inspiration for millions sharing the vision and essence of a brighter side to society.

She patiently learned harsh lessons of life in the worst and darkest time but did not lose her passion and continued to accomplish her goals by participating in Theatre, Dramas, Singing and Painting Competition; she also started her online portrait and handicraft work business. She used to draw and work passionately even with the bandage on her eyes when she was going through her cornea transplant. It is not that easy to pursue your passion being a woman and living in a conservative society but even that Alina made a good name at wedding photography and in 2017 after completing her M-Phil degree she started a job in Faisalabad Serena hotel as a marketing executive. In 2018 she quit her job and started her own art academy commercially aka the artist lounge. She also earned guitar and continuing her singing passion and released her two cover songs publicly for which she received immense love from the audience.

Now Alina is running her own art academy and doing a job in Lyallpur gallery to meet her expenses to run the household and personal needs of life.

Photography by Alina Kazmi, All copyrights are retained by the artist, 2021

  • You are doing a wonderful job.amazing,brave lady.

    Muddasara choudhary January 7, 2021 1:32 pm Reply
  • Nice

    Mrs. November 9, 2021 4:39 am Reply

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