Problems In Education System Of Pakistan

December 24, 2020
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Author: Alveena Jahangir

Education is very important for the development of the country. Every child should be educated whether boy or girl without any discrimination as it’s their right. The problems associated with the educational system of Pakistan are numerous, throughout this article we will discuss them all in detail.

Lack of professional development of teachers:

Training is indispensable for standard performance. Teaching is an effort demanding job. There is an inadequacy in training opportunities for teachers in Pakistan. The institutes responsible for this are not well resourced. Due to these reasons, there is very little or even no development of teachers.


Every year 40 Lac students are drop out of school. There are crucial reasons for this such as poverty. Education is expensive in Pakistan and many people could not afford it and which is a major reason for dropouts. Other reasons include the poor environment of the school and also weak parenting.

System of Examination:

The system of examination is very poor. The rules are made but aren’t implemented. Cheating in board examination is a very serious issue, the students are openly allowed to use mobiles and textbooks to solve their paper. Moreover, the examination system of Pakistan only tests the memory of the students and doesn’t assess them in other aspects of learning.

Lack of resources:

Resources required in education such as libraries, books, and other physical facilities are important for a good learning process. No educational institutes in the country have these resources and all this grim situation has resulted in an aimless education system.

Lack of policy implementation:

Many policies were made but weren’t implemented. The policies were very aspiring but none of them was implemented robustly. Corruption, lack of funds, and inconsistency have been the problem of political regimes.

Traditional curriculum:

The curriculum is a major part of educational achievement. The curriculum of the Pakistan education system is very old and that’s the reason that it doesn’t tend to meet the requirements of the present. The education system aims to enhance the psychological, sociological, and philosophical development of an individual whereas the education system of Pakistan only emphasizes the holistic development of an individual. Besides, the old curriculum impels the learners to memorize certain facts and figures thus the curriculum is the reason that the students lack interest in education.

Low Budget:

The education system of Pakistan has so many problems because of scarce finance. The budget that is received by the education institutes is not sufficient to meet all the needs of the educational purposes. Pakistan is included in the lists of the countries which spent only 2 percent of their GDP on the education sector.


Among all these problems is corruption. Corruption is the main cause that gave birth to all the other problems. There is a very feeble system of accountability which has caused many criminal elements to misuse funds and authority. Pakistan is included in the list of the most corrupt countries around the world!

That is it for this article……but it could even have a part 2 of the problems in the education system of Pakistan because there are numerous. In my next article, we can discuss the ways to improve this Bye-bye.

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