What is Corona Virus Disease? (COVID-19)

December 10, 2020
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Author: Alveena Jahangir

Coronavirus is a family of viruses that affect the respiratory system and cause gastrointestinal disease. Coronavirus can also be a common cold or more grievous diseases like MERS-CoV and SARS-CoV. Now let’s see how does it start affecting your body.

Why is it Named Corona Virus?

Every virus is named according to its structure of the germs that are seen through the microscope. The International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV) names the viruses. So now let’s see why this virus is named coronavirus or COVID-19? The germs of this virus have a crown-like shape when seen through the microscope that’s why it was named “Corona” and COVID-19 is the scientific name for this virus and it stands for Corona Virus Disease of 2019.

How is a Virus Start Affecting Your Body?

Any virus including coronavirus start affecting your body by attacking the healthy cells and multiplying itself. The coronavirus germs attack the cells of the lungs, that’s why it causes respiratory diseases.

Does Corona Virus Affect People of all Ages?

Yes! It affects people of all ages but in kids under 12, it doesn’t show any symptoms. The People of old age (above 60) and the patients with a severe medical condition like heart diseases, blood pressure, or respiratory diseases are the most affected by a coronavirus and are at risk of death.

Signs and Symptoms of Corona Virus

It has many signs and symptoms, if you have any of them then it doesn’t mean that you are affected by CoV. The most common symptoms include fever, dry cough, and tiredness. Less common symptoms include headache, diarrhea, loss of taste, and smell. The most serious symptoms are difficulty in breathing or shortness of breath and chest pain or pressure. (If you have any serious symptoms then immediately consult a doctor)

How is the Corona Virus Transmitted?

Coronavirus can be transmitted through cough, sneeze, breath, or by touch.

If you touch any surface that is previously touched by an infected person then you will also get infected.

Time of Recovery from Corona Virus

The period is different for every person. If a person only has a cough and normal fever then the recovery time would be two weeks. And if a patient has very severe symptoms then it would take three to six weeks to recover. Most people (80% likely) are recovered from this disease without the need for any specific medication or hospitalization.

What does Corona Germs do Inside your Body?

The corona germs affect your lungs (written earlier) that’s why your lungs can be damaged making it difficult to breathe and this can cause pneumonia. Pneumonia is an infection of alveoli inside the lungs, where your blood exchanges oxygen and carbon dioxide.

What Medicines can you take During the Disease?

You should not take any medicines on your own until you have consulted a doctor. No specific meditation for the coronavirus is still discovered. However, you can take pain killers or fever relieving medicines to ease the illness. This is it for this article. In my next article about the corona, I will discuss the vaccine and the precautions about COVID-19.

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