How you should spend your Weekend

December 9, 2020
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Author: Alveena Jahangir

We always wait for the weekends and when it’s the weekend, we are just bored and doing nothing. So if you are from those type of people then this article will surely help you.

Watch a Movie:

This is probably the easiest way to have fun on weekends. Search on Google or ask your friends to tell you a good movie to watch. For making it even special, make popcorns and have your family and friends with you!

Try a New Recipe:

Cooking something special for your dinner would be great. Watch YouTube tutorials to guide you. As food gives happiness so this will brighten your mood. Don’t forget to take a picture of the dish you cooked.

Do Something Productive:

Weekends aren’t supposed to be wasted, so doing productive activities would be good. This could be anything, you can organize your closets or stationary, clean your home, etc.

Go for an Outing with Family or Friends:

Going out would be great to enjoy. And the time spent with your loved ones is the most valuable time of your life. You don’t need to spend too much money on that, even just walking in a park or watching a sunset would be fabulous.

Do Something Crafty:

Doesn’t it sound interesting? Collect all The things from your house that you think is useless and then create something beautiful out of it. If you can’t think of what to create then YouTube is here for help with great tutorials!

Do Painting:

Well, this will not work for everyone but if you like to paint then you can have a good weekend doing painting, as it requires a lot of time and you have it on weekends!

Listen to Songs:

Nothing could be better than this….I love to listen to songs! Songs can make you happy and especially if they have high beat music. But don’t forget to turn the volume up and sing along like no one’s listening.

Dress up:

You don’t need a reason to get dressed, as it Is proved that the way you dress up affects the way you feel. So wear your favorite dress, feel happy, take a few selfies, and share them with friends.

Do Exercise:

Although you do exercise every day on Weekends you should try new steps as exercise does not only changes your body but it also changes your mind, like I feel better the day I do exercise than the day I don’t. Don’t do it as a task, do it as a play.

Learn Something New:

This is great for weekends because Learning something new is always fun, and requires time. Learn a new footstep, a magic trick to do with your friends, a new hairstyle, vocabulary words, or if you want to do something on an advanced level then I have more ideas like, learn to do a handstand or learn to juggle.

Be Happy:

This is the best advice you will ever receive from someone. Because being happy depends on you, no one can help you if you can’t help yourself. There is no way to make you happy until you discover that what happiness is….you don’t need expensive things to be happy, your family is the biggest blessing you have. Enjoy with them, love them, or later you will regret yourself for not being happy with them. Happiness is from your inside, inside of your heart.

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