What Should you do When you Fail

November 26, 2020
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What should you do when you fail?

Author: Alveena Jahangir

Hello friends….we are gonna talk about the most common and dishearten situation that we all get to face. Don’t be sad because here I will give you tips to overcome your failure therefore keep reading.

“Most great people have achieved their goals just one step beyond their greatest failures” (Unknown)

Always learning from failure is the vital key to success. A bunch of failures and mistakes is called experience, but only if you take your mistakes as a teacher not as an undertaker. Failing is always the biggest step towards the success. When you keep all these things in mind it would not depress you at all, you just have to believe it that nothing is impossible and keep telling yourself that I can do this! Self-confidence is the key. Keep trying.

“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall” (Nelson Mandela)

Now I will share some personal tips on how I prevail over failure. Here goes:

  • Listen to some motivational songs…this works really well. There are many good songs that will help to motivate you to try again…I am sharing songs that I listen to:
    • Get back up again by Anna Kendrick
    • Try everything by Shakira
    • Hall of fame
  • Read the biography of any of your favourite and great personalities….and you will see that the greatest and most successful people have faced big failures.
  • Always know that success is not overnight…be patient and focus on your goals.
  • Read motivational quotes.

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