The City of Tokyo in Japan is at the Forefront of Honesty Today

November 26, 2020
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The city of Tokyo in Japan is at the forefront of honesty today

Author: Jahangir Amir

These ten facts will tell you the reason.

1- In Japan, from the first grade to the third grade, children are also taught a subject in which they are taught and explained about everyday affairs and ethics of dealing with people.

2. In Japan, there is no concept of failing children from first grade to third grade. Because the purpose of educating these young children is to train them and build their personality, not indoctrination and traditional education.

3. Although the Japanese are one of the richest nations in the world, there is no concept of a servant in their household. Parents are responsible for children and the home.

4. Japanese children, along with their teachers, sweep and clean their school for 15 minutes daily. The purpose of this exercise is to make them morally humble and practically clean.

5- Every child in Japan also takes their toothbrush with them to school. After eating and drinking at school, they have their teeth cleaned. From their childhood, they are made to take care of their health.

6- Teachers and administrators in schools eat half an hour before the students to check the quality of food and ensure the safety of the children. Because they understand that these children are the future of Japan and how important it is to ensure their safety.

7- In Japan, a cleaner is called by a special name which means health engineer. His salary ranges from 000 5,000 to 000 8,000. Candidates for this job pass regular oral and written exams.

8- Mobile phones are not used in cars, restaurants and closed places in Japan. In Japan, silent mode mobile is given a special name which means adherence to ethics.

9-In Japan, if you go to an open party or a buffet dinner, you will see that people put food on their plates as needed. Leaving food on plates is not a Japanese habit.

10. The average vehicle delay in Japan is 7 seconds throughout the year. People are appreciative of Japanese time and know the value of minutes and seconds.

11- Very good but one important thing is that Japanese are not rich Not a single Japanese out of 100 rich people in the world. Life is very simple And the telephone silent mode which is called “Manner mode” in Japanese and we also have the silencer of the bike blown by the youth so that they can make more noise all over the board.

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