12 Ways to be Productive at Home during COVID-19 Pandemic

November 26, 2020
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12 Ways to be productive at home during COVID_19 pandemic

Author: Alveena Jahangir

Here I will be sharing some interesting and fun ways to be productive and utilize your time in a thriving manner. So let’s begin!

Start a new routine:

Obviously, first, you have to make a new routine. Like, wake up early every morning as this is the key to be energetic the whole day. Then you can make a To-do list so that you can know what you have to do next

Eat Healthily:

Never forget to stay hydrated the whole day. Do your breakfast between 6 to 8 am(as it’s the best time for it). Eat low carb food. Your dinner should be very light and eat it before 7 pm or don’t eat at all.

Learn Something new:

It could be anything as you have a lot of time to consume it lucratively. You can learn a new footstep or a song in another language!. Learn to juggle or paint a landscape. You are completely free.

Do Exercise daily:

Doing exercise daily will bring you positive changes. If you think that it’s boring then do it how you’ll enjoy it, for instance, play high beat background music to motivate you or find some new workout steps to try….YouTube is full of such tutorials.

Challenge yourself:

Every day set a task, goal, or just challenge yourself. They could be anything like you can challenge yourself to do elbow plank for 2 min and make a record. Or set a monthly goal….it could be to learn a split or a handstand or whatever you like.

Be Organized:

It’s not that difficult as you might think. Set your outfits for the next week, clean your drawers, or clean the utensils in your kitchen. It will only take you 20 to 30 minutes to stay organized. 

Make a planner:

This is the best way to stay productive as you will already know what you have to do in the whole week or a month. Don’t make your planner to complex just keep it completely simple.

Keep a Diary:

It’s a great habit that you can develop in yourself. It does not only have your divine memories in it but it will also help you develop good writing skills! Keep a record of the things that make you happy so that whenever you read them later….it will make you smile again.

Take time to study every day:

This is really important, you can never be successful until you study. Your study sessions don’t have to be too long. An hour each day would be plenty. Study the topic that you’re interested in…For example study about the universe! Then your study sessions will never be soporific.

Read Books:

Reading before bedtime is great and helps you sleep better. There are many great books out there. Find a book of your interest, I would prefer reading knowledgeable books rather than tales. When you start a book, complete it!

Do yoga:

Doing yoga is so good for your health. !0 to 15 minutes would be enough. Just focus on your breathing.

Do a self-care routine:

It’s always fun doing that and staying hygienic also keeps you in good mood. Take a shower daily, dress properly, do a manicure, or apply a face mask. Check out some tutorials and try a new brand hairstyle. That was all for this article and I hope you have found this helpful. Best of luck to you all! Stay home and stay safe.

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